Brian Carbaugh

CEO and Co-Founder; Board Member LinkedIn

Brian Carbaugh is the Co-Founder & CEO at Andesite, as well as the Chief of Staff at Red Cell Partners and a Senior Advisor to Red Cell’s Cyber and National Security Practices. Mr. Carbaugh is a former CIA senior executive who most recently served as the Director of CIA’s elite Special Activities Center (SAC) where he provided leadership, oversight, and management of CIA’s worldwide paramilitary and special operations.  With multiple business units, thousands of employees, and multi-billion dollars in infrastructure, Mr. Carbaugh set the strategic vision for SAC and served as the senior paramilitary and special operations advisor to three different Directors of CIA (DCIAs). Mr. Carbaugh synchronized strategic intelligence and policy initiatives with the White House, the US Armed Forces, the intelligence community, and foreign partners.

Prior to leading SAC, Mr. Carbaugh served as Chief of Staff to two recent Directors of the CIA, where he served as the DCIA’s senior advisor and was part of the CIA’s senior leadership team.  With over 32 years of experience in the US Marines and intelligence community, Mr. Carbaugh assisted the DCIA in executing, managing, and overseeing the CIA’s global intelligence enterprise. Mr. Carbaugh has forged deep relationships with US cabinet-level, Defense Department, Intelligence Community, and Congressional counterparts to advance America’s vital national security needs.  He has served in war zones and foreign posts around the world and is the recipient of the CIA’s Intelligence Star for Valor, the CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the CIA’s Donovan Award, and the federal service Presidential Rank Award.

Mr. Carbaugh holds an MA in National Security Studies from Georgetown University and a BS in Political Science from the US Air Force Academy. He is a co-founder of the Third Option Foundation, a non-profit entity dedicated to supporting the operators and families of CIA’s special operations community.